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EYE-HIGH: THE LIFE OF A ROCKETTE is a short film about Anne Berk, who was a Rockette in the 1930s


Maryland Film Festival

Lexington Market Outdoors

MOMS AND MEDS: NAVIGATING PREGNANCY AND MENTAL ILLNESS is a feature-length documentary film that explores the options women face when they want to have children, but take psychotropic medication for mental illness. The film follows multiple women as they attempt to navigate the conflicting attitudes surrounding this issue.


Other interviewees include doctors, advocates and family members who influence, and are affected by, these decisions. The film focuses on the personal stories of the women, and the many facets, both positive and negative, of making such decisions. It addresses the struggle and emotional turmoil, as well as the hope and perseverance of the featured women, and advocates for their ability to make the best individual and personal choices for themselves and their families.

MOMS AND MEDS is available to rent/purchase for personal use HERE!

It is also available on Amazon Prime.


For educational/public performance rights, please visit Janson Media.

If you would like to screen MOMS AND MEDS at your organization/institution, please write to us.

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