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Beneath the Remains

A coming-of-age mystery about teenage metalhead Gabby and the search for her older sister Steph, who has disappeared in the humid summer of their marshland home.

Awards: Grrl Haus Cinema Seminar

Days in the Wake

After his wife passes away, a young father of nine abandons his children at a Safe Haven facility and disappears. In his wake, his oldest daughter embarks on a quest to find her siblings, and get answers to his seemingly unconscionable actions. 

Awards: Dorland Mountain Arts Colony Residency

Stowe Story Labs

Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund Screenplay Lab

Sundance Screenwriters Lab Semi-Finalist

Middlebury Script Lab Semi-Finalist

Nantucket Screenwriters Colony Semi-Finalist

Omaha Film Festival Semi-Finalist

Beautiful Mess (co-writer)

Bored and unemployed, a 30-something woman "cheats" on her husband in a fantasy relationship with another man.


A young woman must choose between three different romantic prospects, ultimately finding automony and independence on her own.

Awards: Sundance Screenwriters Lab Semi-Finalist

Beyond The Pale

A 1950s period piece set in Asbury Park, NJ, based on a true story. A young junkie accidentally kills his grandmother and struggles with guilt, loss and redemption as he attempts to straighten his life out and make amends with his estranged family.

Awards: Prism ‘Generation Next’ Screenwriting Grant

Bells For Her

A young Italian girl sets out to find her sister, after she is married off to an older man.

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